2016 DSC_0008

GROW Coordinator: Shawn Mozeika; 2nd year; behavioral neuroscience major/pre-med

GROW Intern: Kelly Eng; 4th year; health science major/pre-med with psychology minor

GROW Intern: Eddy Lee: 3rd year; biology major/pre-med

GROW Intern: Emily Muri: 2nd year; health science major/pre-PA with ASL minor


2015Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.21.36 PM

GROW Coordinator: Mackenzie Boedicker; 4th year; health science major/pre-med

GROW Intern: Sam Levitt-Perkins; 3rd year; nursing major

GROW Intern: Grace Lee; 4th year; biology major

GROW Intern: Chris Lin; 3rd year; biochemistry major/pre-med


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.15.21 PM2014

GROW Coordinator: Eileen Ferry; just graduated (woo!); health science major/international affairs minor

GROW Intern: Ann Piccione; 3rd year; health science major/criminal justice minor

GROW Intern: TJ Hanlon; 3rd year; health science major/pre-med



GROW Coordinator: Allison Hillner; 4th year; chemistry & english double major

GROW Intern: Will Secor; 4th year; biology major/pre-med

GROW Intern:Eliza Love;  3rd year; health science major/social entrepreneurship & international affairs minor

GROW Intern: Gaby Feliu; 3rd year; health science major/business minor



GROW Coordinator: Eileen Ferry; 4th year; health science major/international affairs minor

GROW Intern: Madeline Skillman; 4th year; international affairs major

GROW Intern: Peter Dzaugis; 2nd year; physical therapy major

GROW Intern: Tyler Mitchell; 2nd year; biology major/pre-med


One comment

  1. Karen Glynn · · Reply

    My very, very best to you all! You are on a grand adventure and you will do well!

    I look forward to hearing about all your “learning” and “doings.”

    Best regards,
    Gaby’s Gammer

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