Intro to Kitovu


Thursday May 15, 2014




Today was an exciting day as we went to the Kitovu office for the first time and met all of the great people that work there. At first I was a little nervous about going because I was afraid of being overwhelmed with meeting all of the employees and being in a new environment, but my worries were quickly put to rest as soon as we got there. Everyone at Kitovu is extremely nice and they seem to have a lot of fun while working; making jokes and laughing frequently. We met with Charles who greeted us with a big smile and gave us a day-by-day layout of what we would be doing during our time here. This included both office work and going out into the field with Kitovu.




We also learned a great deal about all of the great work that Kitovu does and its different departments. Although we raise money specifically for the water sanitation project, Kitovu is involved in a lot of other projects dealing with HIV/AIDS treatment, palliative home care, and improving the socioeconomic status in low income areas. One project we learned about was SILC (savings and internal lending community). This program involves a group of people putting money into a “pool” for people to borrow from and then later pay back what they took out. At the end of the year, the money is divided amongst the people that paid into the pool with more money going to the people who put more money in originally. This program has had amazing success and many other communities have adopted this system on their own (separate from Kitovu). We also learned from Samuel about the success of Kitovu’s mobile homecare-type treatment in contrast to centralized treatment in medical centers.




Today was a very relaxed day with not too much going on. It was nice a cool in the morning but was hotter on our way back to the hotel. We stopped for some rolex which is a tortilla type bread with egg, oil, tomato, salt, and pepper which was really good.


Eileen presenting Charles with the framed and signed picture of all of GlobeMed. He loved it!

charles present


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