hello hello, world

well hello there,

we are this year’s globemed at northeastern’s GROW team and will be traveling to our partner, kitovu mobile aids organization, in masaka, uganda…TOMORROW! as we finally finish the seemingly never ending process of packing and anxiously await our departure, the reality has far from set in. the four of us (madeline, tyler, peter and eileen) will be traveling to uganda, a country where none of us have ever been before, to live in masaka for a little over 4 weeks. unbelievably awesome and so so exciting. at this point, we don’t have much of a plan besides soaking in and experiencing as much as we possibly can. we are there to observe, evaluate, and collaborate with our wonderful partner, kitovu mobile.

we are all extremely excited and cannot wait to embark on this incredible journey and bring back all of our awesome experiences to share with you! we will all be updating this blog and posting pictures periodically, so don’t forget to check back often 🙂



  1. Steve S · · Reply

    Good luck and God speed to the four of you! We’ll be watching for updates…As I write your plane is over North Africa.

  2. Mike F · · Reply

    I am happy that all is well with your four. This will be an incredibly rewarding experience! Try to update us as much as possible.

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