If you’ve ever had an annoying younger sibling or a conversation with a curious child, you’ve heard the question, “But, why?” The question is both an innocent blessing of inquisitiveness as well as a ruthless regression from focus. You answer the first, only to receive another. A child just old enough to ask existential questions […]

26th June, 2016 Every morning, a lurid purple trickles and drops into a pool on the horizon. As the red-hot African sun peaks its deadly eyes above the distant mountains of Masaka, Uganda, Northeastern’s GROW team starts another day working with Kitovu Mobile LTD. Masaka—a city where every sidewalk is a forgotten quarry weighing down […]

GROW changed me more than I thought it would. I feel as though I have not only become a part of the Ugandan culture, but I have also learned how to take a bucket shower, use a pit latrine, and what it means to fetch water. From the locals I have met I’ve learned how […]

“The villagers are very happy when muzungus come to visit because they feel that the rest of the world cares. It gives them hope.” – Kitovu Mobile Before I begin to discuss and reflect on what I have learned throughout this trip, I would like to thank my GROW team, my Northeastern University chapter, Globemed, and […]

In classes, I was always made sure to be aware of the growing problem that is the global health disparity. However, while in Uganda, I saw this problem manifest itself into the struggles of everyday people. I heard stories of resilience and survival. These people were truly inspiring mostly because they weren’t activists or politicians, […]

Here is a gallery of the GlobeMed at Northeastern interns working with our partner Kitovu Mobile LTD, based out of Masaka, Uganda. While there we worked on our Hygiene and Sanitation Project and toured their other departments. During our time we assessed local communities on where the addition of a new shallow well was most […]

One of the most important aspects of a GROW trip is the contribution that we make to our partner organization, Kitovu Mobile. Today, we began the first day of our project, in which we visited neighboring villages to conduct a community survey as well as several individual interviews. To do this, we split into two […]

The next four days we are shadowing different departments under the Orphans and Family Support Program. It is really interesting to see how big the reach of Kitovu really is in this area.   Today and tomorrow we are shadowing the Grandmother’s program. For those who don’t know what the Grandmother’s program does, it provides […]

6/21/15 (Day 5) Hello Readers, Sam here. It’s day five of our adventure in Uganda working along side our Partner Kitovu Mobile LTD and I have to say it’s been as action packed as expected. I can speak for all of us in saying that everyone was excited to leave Entembee airport and get on […]

Whenever I see someone I haven’t seen in a while the first thing they almost always ask is how was your trip? And I almost always start with “it feels like it was so long ago”. It’s like living in a whole different world when you’re in Uganda and coming back to Boston and being […]